i-SUP 2012 - Towards CO2 neutral energy systems for urban environments

Start date: 
zo, 06/05/2012 - 09:00 tot wo, 09/05/2012 - 18:00
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Extern evenement
Site "Oud Sint-Jan" - Mariastraat 38 - B-8000 Brugge


i-SUP2012 invites you to Bruges from 6th to 9th May, 2012, to discuss and present your ideas and results on Cleantech leading to climate change adaptation and mitigation and a sustainable world. Together with stakeholders from policy, society, industry and research we will plan and design new energy systems, new transport and mobility concepts, sustainable industrial processes for materials and chemicals, and we will work on new urban and rural plans based on sustainable principles.

2012 will be the year of Flanders famous geographer Gerardus Mercator (°1512). The development of better geographical maps led to a faster exploration of the world and its natural resources. A sustainable world should not exhaust these resources but turn them into a blessing by exploiting them sustainably. i-SUP2012 will again produce new world maps, of the cities, of the industrial parks, of nature and its role to provide us with food, feed, fibres, fine chemicals, fuels and fertilisers (F6). Come and present your scientific ideas allowing for full development for all of the Earth’s inhabitants without negative impacts for the generations. We will pay special attention to developing roadmaps for sustainable energy, materials, chemistry, and produce, and a new vision towards "Transition". We will also evaluate sustainability and the impact of cleantech initiatives on health and society.

The themes of the parallel sessions during i-SUP2012 will be:

  • Urban Development
  • Rural development
  • Transport & Mobility
  • Energy Materials
  • Chemistry Products