Green eMotion - 4th External Stakeholder Forum

The 4th Green eMotion External Stakeholder Forum took place on May 10-11 in Brussels. More than 80 participants attended the meeting over the two days.

On 10 May the Forum opended with a plenary session including presentations of selected External Stakeholders and two thematic workshops sessions:

  • One workshop was devoted to exchange of data collection with external demonstration regions.
  • The second workshop concentrated on standardising e-mobility.

On 11 May three parallel thematic sessions took place:

  • Charging infrastructure and smart operation
  • Policy, regulation and vision to support e-mobility deployment
  • European marketplace for e-mobility.

More information can be found on the Green eMotion External Stakeholder Website.

The 5th Green eMotion External Stakeholder Forum will take place on November 27-28 at IBM near Stuttgart.